Airbnb has been silently using social media to eliminate and ban extremists

It is said that it has banned more than 100 accounts with ties to hate groups.

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Airbnb has canceled all bookings in Washington DC this week in an attempt to avoid people traveling there for elected President Joe Biden’s inauguration after January 6th of the United States Capitol Riot. The company is also told that it is trying to ban anyone who has participated in the insurrection, as well as those who have links with known hate groups. It seems that Airbnb has been working for years to root people in this latter group, and has used social media monitoring as part of efforts.

the company has used fictional accounts on Facebook, Twitter, And forums to identify users with ties to white nationalism and other possibly dangerous groups, according to information. It is said that six or more trust and security unit employees have been assigned to track users connected to these groups and kick them off the Airbnb platform.

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the trust and safety Employees’ allegedly do not interact with others use the fictional accounts. They’re just looking for public posts. Many Airbnb users link their accounts to Facebook, which could facilitate the exit of those who have connections to the groups.

Airbnb has approved such practices as driving to the right-hand United meeting in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 and has taken a more aggressive approach since January 6th. The company, which prohibits the use of its services of “violent racist groups”, would have prohibited more than 100 accounts of persons with links to groups.

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In 2019, Airbnb has banned more than 60 internet users after consulting email addresses leaks from a neo-Nazi forum. The company also banned a proud member of the Boy forum who booked an Airbnb as part of plans to attend a rally in Washington DC in November.

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The likes of Twitter, Facebook, And other platforms have kicked people connected to hate groups and those who post QAnon-related content out of their services in recent months. As such, it may be more difficult to use social media to track these people.

“when signals suggest that a member of the hate group uses Airbnb, we investigate and take appropriate action.” Airbnb’s spokesman, Ben Breit, told Engadget. “This information can be communicated to us in many ways-including flags of members of our community, social media users, or news articles.

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