ANALYSIS – From Islamist “separatism” to “white privilege”: Footsteps of racism in France

French president’s remarks at the fact of “white privilege” have sparked heated controversy

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French President Emmanuel Macron made a speech at Les Mureaux, Paris, on Oct. 2, wherein the principle emphasis changed into on “Islamic separatism” and additionally spoke approximately the reality of the concept of “white privilege” in an interview he gave to L’Express on Dec. 22. [1]

But, what is “white privilege”? A word coined through William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, an African-American sociologist, “white privilege” got here into use if you want to draw interest to the elegance inequalities that existed lengthy after segregation. This concept, conceptualized through Du Bois, additionally fashioned the social basis of anti-racist actions that began out of the US in the 1950s-60s. Peggy McIntosh, a White-American instructional and activist, popularized this idea globally thru an essay she posted in 1988.

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Racism, which commenced with the slave trade, symbolic of the colonial period, changed into the wildest present granted to the sector through the Western white guy. With the belief of human rights subsequently gaining floor in global regulation, organic racism changed to become the sociologically rooted “white privilege”. Although it counseled a few diplomats of soothing in the centuries-lengthy terrible reports and suffering, this change found out that the “white privilege” mentality nonetheless endured psychologically and sociologically in people and states. Therefore, despite the fact that the time period changed into invented through a black guy, the white peoples have welcomed it. So, why changed the concept of white privilege imported to France? Why did Macron want this sort of idea?

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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who began out the talk on countrywide identification, rejects the stern standards of this identification and talks approximately the minimal requirements for being taken into consideration French, together with speak the equal language and sharing a not unusual place tradition and manner of lifestyles. In essence, Macron changed into genuinely looking to positioned the talk that his predecessor had felt pressured to open on a valid social and political basis. The handiest manner to stable their destiny changed into setting up a not unusual place floor for the ever-growing non-secular and ethnic separation inside. In truth, it changed into now no longer handiest Muslims who suffered in this manner, however, additionally, Africans, Asians, or even Jews, all of whom got here from distinct non secular and linguistic backgrounds. France had now come to be a rustic that now no longer tolerated any variations that it considers outdoor of itself.

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James McAuley, the Paris correspondent of the Washington Post, criticized Macron’s speech calling for an “Islam of Enlightenment”, reminding that the 1789 revolution embraced each the French and Jewish identities and that the French republicanism of that point reputable non – secular variations extra than Macron. Jewish journalist Marc Weitzmann, however, stated that he did now no longer consider McAuley, stressing that the Jews had been diagnosed as residents through the stages of the French revolution handiest after giving up their very own values. In his article posted in Le Monde, Weitzmann said that nowadays it’s miles Muslims who’re being pressured to give up their very own values, lots as Jews, who needed to do this returned of their day. [2] Although the 2 newshounds have a take a observe the difficulty from distinct angles, they do converge on one, not unusual place floor, and this is French intolerance.

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It is the handiest herbal for politicians to hastily initiate “countrywide identification” discussions with a populist method each time their political gadget is in disaster. The countrywide identification that changed into formulated to reply to the question “Who is French?” basic needs that the variations of minorities be erased. In that sense, it might now no longer be incorrect to mention that the separatism regulation is the criminal justification for assimilation.

Many in the US press writing that the separatist discourse and guidelines in France are endangering the destiny of French universalism has profoundly disturbed Macron. Describing Islam as a faith this is “in disaster all around the globe”, Macron stated that they desired to create an “Islam of Enlightenment”, which sparked an outcry inside the Muslim global as well. Weitzmann, on the opposite hand, increases many problems in his book “Hate: The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism in France”; beginning with the Dreyfus affair and the Vichy regime’s sending 75,000 Jews to demise camps in cooperation with the Germans in the 1940s, all of the manner to the violence and pressures Jews face each day in nowadays’ France.

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In truth, France’s choice to discover a not unusual place floor among all of the distinct ethnic and non – secular factors inside us of an inside a countrywide identification that they themselves have formulated isn’t a step handiest towards the Muslims inside. This manner, which adversely impacts the black and yellow races, Jews and Muslims alike, in addition to all different minorities, is transferring France in a completely risky direction.

Little has modified in France notwithstanding the slight complaint from the Anglo-Saxon media, similarly to the tough statements that got here from some of the Muslim international locations led through Turkey. In truth, as those discussions continued, to the L’Express correspondent’s question “Do you believe you studied that it’s miles a privilege to be a white guy?”, Macron responded that “It is a truth. We don’t pick out it; I didn’t pick out it. I will be aware that, in our society, being a white guy creates goal situations which can be less difficult to get entry to my job, to have accommodation, to discover a job, than to be an Asian, black or Maghrebian guy, or an Asian, black or Maghrebian woman. In that sense, being a white guy may be skilled as a privilege.” His remarks have taken the direction of the dialogue to a distinct level.

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There changed into an emphasis on a “secular republic” in Macron’s preceding speech on Islamic separatism, even as the emphasis changed into located at the “nation” in his maximum current remark to L’Express. The handiest aspect that France had to do to keep the secular republic changed to set up a rustic with a shared language and tradition of lifestyles. During the Sarkozy period, France diagnosed that us of a’s primary essential values had begun out to become worse because of the very fast segment of extruding that it was undergoing. After this point, debates on countrywide identification, republic, and secularism began out in earnest. While Macron defined secularism as now no longer a danger however a defend that might put off the troubles surrounding us of a’s non – secular variations, Charlie Hebdo made the divide among Islam and secularism lots extra mentioned and, sadly, opposite to the modern-day discourse, secularism ended up turning into a faith.

With the constraints imposed through the regulation on separatism on schools, clothing, locations of worship and the sports of non-governmental organizations, the inequalities which have emerged towards Muslims in social lifestyles will quickly come to be extra conspicuous. The concept of “white privilege” changed into certainly transferred from foreign places to France through the privileged remedies bobbing up in housing, using social spaces, judicial and police proceedings, using public assets and spaces, and, subsequently, human relations. In truth, it changed into no viable for Macron to explain this new manner in another manner. This changed into, in essence, additionally an assertion of acknowledgment. Was this acknowledgment made for a clearer definition of the manner that already existed in society and changed into bolstered through the dominant political discourse, or changed into it made in the cognizance of this separation in society for bringing the hassle below control? It is a truth that this sociological transformation is pondered in the political gadget. Facts that need to now be mentioned through now no longer simply the right-wing however additionally the left-wing events are using the French human beings an increasing number of toward xenophobia through the day.

Macron’s best quandary changed into the inconsistency among the rhetoric and the moves taken for the duration of the election weather and the aspirations. In nowadays’ France, the reestablishment of countrywide identification in a mundane republic must be visible as pretty luxurious indeed. Recognizing the in all likelihood bad flip of occasions in the destiny, the belief of white privilege has always been embraced through French leaders if you want to as a minimum display their guide for the French human beings, and this may set in movement occasions from which it’ll be tremendously hard for France to recover.

Although it has given the impact of getting used as an alternative for an anti-racist time period, “white privilege” is extra of the rhetoric of legitimacy centered at white individuals who shape the spine of countrywide identification. If we strive to provide an explanation for this countrywide identification of the French manner, we’d examine it to a croissant full of the chocolate of the secular republic. The layers of the dough constitute the coexistence of various segments of society that don’t blend with every different. However, all of those layers defend the chocolate inside, and at the equal time, they are able to experience their percentage of the flavor. For this reason, Macron insists that they’re now no longer disturbed through human beings speak and worshiping in Arabic at home, however, that, whilst in the public domain, they must appreciate the overarching tradition of us of a wherein they live.

While its miles claimed that white privilege isn’t racism, we need to now no longer neglect that racism and prejudice represent its premise. Is it never viable for this risky idea to be subsequently restored to its origin, i.e., racism? Why now no longer if this risky manner had been to be controlled recklessly? Racism is primarily based totally on prejudice and a fake conviction. We will see collectively how “white privilege” might be acquired in France and whether or not it’ll morph into racism or now no longer.

An actual privilege isn’t having to reflect on consideration on what sedation and race you are, dwelling as in case you had been the proprietor of the whole thing inside the public sphere, going to the college and the residence of worship you want, dressing as you wish, on foot the streets and taking the bus without being bullied as in case you had been a criminal. Not being capable of doing any of those way being subjected to discrimination and otherization no matter your pores and skin sedation.

The French, who felt they couldn’t have a not unusual place tradition of lifestyles with every other society after the colonial period, had been certainly at a loss as to a way to react whilst they want to set up a not unusual place tradition of lifestyles arose. From now on, France’s political history’s maximum essential problem could be its sensitivity to now no longer tarnish the prevalence of its very own human beings even as committing itself to assimilate foreigners.

It appears that this manner, which is growing on “separatism” and “privilege”, will hang-out the French like a nightmare, like a curse due to all of the atrocities they perpetrated of their colonies for loads of years. The unfolding of this manner to the relaxation of Europe becomes but every other reason for corruption inside the continent, and make matters significantly extra hard for the EU to handle. Are France and all of Europe equipped to stand the effects of what seems like “white privilege” nowadays, however that day after today will develop into racism?

[1] See under article [in Turkish] for exact statistics concerning the topic. Ali Maskan,


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