Clubhouse Tightened Security To Fight China’s Espionage Fears

The Audio Chat App Will Not Ping Chinese Servers

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The clubhouse has caused hype with its high profile discussions and a drop-in approach to audio chat, but there are concerns that the Chinese government could eavesdrop on the developer’s promise to protect the users who got through.

Alpha Exploration announced to Stanford Internet Observatory that security measures are being tightened, including blocks that prevent clubhouse apps from “pinging”. In theory, Chinese spies will find it harder to track app activity.

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The upgrades also include “additional encryption”. Alpha Exploration expected the changes to take effect over a 72-hour period, with a third-party company reviewing the changes.

Users were concerned that Chinese officials could legally obtain any recorded conversations made over servers in the country.

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While only a handful of iOS users are believed to be using Clubhouse in China, they could be prime targets for espionage – the Chinese government has zealously cracked down on services that could help dissidents with secret coordination, such as B. VPNs.

The new measures could be critical to Clubhouse’s growth. Alpha Exploration needs to convince users that it is truly private and secure. Any job now could pay dividends if it gives more people the confidence to participate in the conversations.

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