Elon Musk announces $one hundred million prizes for brand spanking new carbon seize tech

It might be his unmarried biggest philanthropic attempt to date.

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Things we already know: The global is developing uncomfortably heat because of humanity’s insistence on burning fossil fuels. Elon Musk is presently the wealthiest human on the planet.

Yet for being many of the wealthiest human beings on the planet, Musk’s philanthropic music report through the years has been paltry in comparison to the likes of Jeff Bezos.

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So, yeah, it did come as a chunk of a marvel on Thursday while the Tesla CEO took to Twitter to announce that he plans to donate $one hundred million as a prize closer to a triumphing carbon seize machine.

Details on Musk’s upcoming carbon seize opposition have now no longer been launched however is predicted to arrive “subsequent week.”

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This isn’t always the primary time that a corporation has sought the public’s assist with carbon seize technology, which seeks to tug this detail from the environment and squirrel it away to assist sluggish the charge of human-brought on weather change.

In 2018, X-Prize held a comparable opposition and provided 5 finalist groups a proportion of its $20 million grand prizes.

But with a $one hundred million handbag at the line, Musk’s opposition will now no longer most effective provide 5 instances the investment as X-Prize, however, it’ll additionally represent his unmarried-biggest philanthropic funding to date (10 instances the quantity of his second-biggest donations so ways).

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Of course, that is a ways from the primary attempt to gather and convert atmospheric CO2 into client products. The EFPL these days advanced a seize machine for semis that converts ninety percentage of the vehicle’s emissions into liquid CO2, researchers at Oxford discovered a manner to flip it into jet fuel at the same time as others have converted the greenhouse fuel line into diamonds.

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