Foxconn will build a new electric vehicle for Fisker

 The companies say this could happen on Foxconn’s Wisconsin website

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Phone maker Foxconn has agreed to build electric vehicles for Fisker Inc., the electric vehicle startup of the same name from automobile designer Henrik Fisker, we found by Theverge

The two companies announced on Wednesday that Foxconn will build Fisker Inc.’s second vehicle, which has not yet been announced and is due to be released in late 2023.

Fisker told the Wall Street Journal that the companies are considering building the car in the US There is a “very good chance” that this will happen at the Foxconn Wisconsin factory.

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This factory, which former President Donald Trump referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world” at the landmark 2018 event, was originally intended to be used to build LCD panels.

Foxconn had promised a $ 10 billion investment that would result in an installation of 20 million square feet and 13,000 jobs, but the company has only invested 3 percent of that so far.

The largest structure it has erected on the site is a 1 million square foot building that was recently classified as a warehouse in official documents. Foxconn’s empty buildings, empty factories, and empty promises in Wisconsin businesses claim they could eventually produce 250,000 or more vehicles a year – half of Tesla’s current production.

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A more formal partnership is expected to be signed later this year

Production of his first vehicle, the Ocean SUV, is slated to begin by the end of 2022. So far, 12,000 reservations have been made for the Ocean, which is built by automotive supplier Magna, which has its own electric vehicle program and assembles the I-Pace electric SUV for Jaguar Land Rover Fisker Inc. originally planned to partner with Volkswagen to create the Ocean SUV and build subsequent vehicles.

The Ocean prototype was built by a German automaker design subsidiary on VW’s electric vehicle platform, but those negotiations eventually failed. FISKER closes a growing list of companies with which Foxconn is held with the announcement of the Taiwanese conglomerate last year in which they entered the industry last year with the Blooming Chinese Startup Byton.

Geely has said that it is its association, the Using FoxConn to support cars for Cars Creation to create EV-STARTUP FARADAY FUTURE.FOXCONN The PSA group of France will be a new automaker called Stellantis. The status of this joint venture is not clear.

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Foxconn has not responded to several requests for comments on the project last year, and a Fiat Chrysler spokesman repeatedly rejected to comment on electric vehicles. The interest in electric vehicles has eaten last year as a result of the growing Tesla rating in the Tesla series.

A series of Startups, Fisker Inc. among, have been made public and brought billions of collective dollars. The boom has also attracted large companies from other industries, as well as Foxconn. Chinese Search Giant Baidu, announced that it will work with Gerely.

Alibaba founded a joint venture with SAIC, China’s largest automaker to develop electric vehicles. Hailing’s chu xing Giant Didi works with large Chinese automaker BYD to produce electric vehicles.

The Xiaomi fone maker rises, reportedly, also in electric vehicles. Apple checks an entry into electric vehicles and has spoken with automakers around the world to find the right manufacturing partner.

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