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Google will lift its recent ban on political ads this Wednesday

The ban has been in place since the riots in the U.S. Capitol. In January

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Google will end its recent ban on election-related ads on February 24th, Engadget reported.

The company announced to advertisers that it will start accepting all political ads starting Wednesday, including those referring to specific elected officials, candidates, political parties, or election activities.

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Citing its Sensitive Events Policy, Google has temporarily blocked such ads, after the polls were closed at the end of the presidential election in November.

He lifted the ban on December 10, only to reintroduce it a month later, on January 14, after the attack on the US Capitol on January 6.

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The company put in place a policy to curb the spread of misinformation. “We regularly interrupt advertisements on unpredictable,” sensitive “events if the advertisements could be used to exploit the event or to reinforce misleading information,” a company spokesman told.

The company told that it will “continue to rigorously enforce our advertising policy, which has been proven to strictly prohibit false information that could seriously undermine confidence in elections or the democratic process.”

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Like Google, Facebook banned political ads on its platform before the election. It extended that ban indefinitely after former President Donald Trump showed no sign that he would stir. The ban on Facebook remains in effect for the time being.

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