Havelsan’s upcoming attention to be virtual gadgets, trendy supervisor says

Leading Turkish protection contractor Havelsan eyes new fields of discovery because it develops its virtual gadgets

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Leading Turkish protection contractor Havelsan eyes new fields of discovery because it develops its virtual gadgets and self-reliant cars in specific classes whilst responding to the requirements of the worldwide marketplace, told DailySabah

The upcoming product’s own circle of relatives and attention of main Turkish protection enterprise corporation Havelsan may be virtual gadgets, combining infantrymen, machines, and generation, the employer’s General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said.

In a unique interview with Daily Sabah, Nacar underlined that Havelsan eyes to expand virtual gadgets, which have been first introduced throughout a rite held to unveil the employer’s new brand in December, signifying a length of change.

“Change has grown to be inevitable for Havelsan,” the overall director underlined, “Our upcoming product’s own circle of relatives may be virtual gadgets. These are robot, self-reliant, unmanned structures to be able to perform in a joint operation idea with swarm intelligence.”

He indicated that those structures may be capable of speak with every different, plan missions, and begin their responsibility from one factor and keep it in some other location.

Saying that those virtual gadgets encompass, infantrymen, commanders, armored cars, planes, ammunition, and drones, Nacar highlighted that human beings may be eliminated from the equation.

“In unmanned structures, you manipulate robot cars with a controller – here, intelligence remains withinside the human, the pilot operates. However, inside the structures that we suggest, there’s already an autopilot – synthetic intelligence will supply the decisions, discover its direction, percentage its gas and bring to its unit if it discovers large findings,” he elaborated.

“Humans will now be accountable to devise the unit’s responsibility,” Nacar pointed out.

Military schooling simulations wherein infantrymen put together themselves psychologically for conflicts and discover ways to act quicker and in an extra efficient manner, represent the primary pillar of those virtual gadgets. Another crucial part of virtual gadgets is wearable technology. Such technology may also encompass navy exoskeletons permitting the soldier to hold heavy weights, growing mobility, and decreasing fatigue or more suitable conversation structures, sensors presenting augmented listening to competencies.

Unmanned aerial, land, and underwater swarms, new-era wearable navy technology mixed with command-and-manipulate facilities make up the virtual gadgets, Nacar indicated.

Nacar additionally touched upon some other trouble on which Havelsan is focusing: virtual twins, digital representations of a bodily item or device, which purpose to “beautify practicality and with which we render classical structures extra sustainable.”

“We create a software program illustration of a robot device this is on the sector, thereby it may be analyzed whilst it sends the information on the sector at once to us. This is a trouble that may be implemented in numerous fields, especially for unmanned and manned cars, planes, helicopters, or tanks, it may be useful in figuring out a hassle remotely.”

Havelsan envisions to make the impossible, viable, he underlined, announcing that the employer eyes new fields of discovery and could reply to new requirements with new answers.

Being one of every of the most important and main generation agencies in Turkey, Havelsan is especially energetic inside the fields of protection, simulation, statistics, and conversation in addition to hometown protection and cybersecurity.

Nacar recalled that a notable variety of recent technology takes their roots from navy researches. “It is viable to apply technology that flourished here, additionally in civilian regions later.”

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New sort of UGV, BARKAN, advanced

“ALPAN, which we’ve got introduced final yr, turned into our first prototype automobile. Our studies and improvement crew has thereupon advanced the 2nd sort of automobile – BARKAN,” Nacar said, including that a few subsystems have been ameliorated as compared to ALPAN, whilst a weapon tower turned into the mounted and new device may be incorporated into the unmanned floor automobile (UGV).

Havelsan final yr had finished the improvement of its UGV, ALPAN, and has become interested in growing herd intelligence for unmanned land, air, and underwater cars to permit them to perform in a coordinated way.

The unmanned automobile turned into advanced as a sturdy unit, with its compatibility with the bodily surroundings in addition to its engine manipulate device, battery tracking device, environmental sensors which include LIDAR and RADAR, information fusion unit, synthetic intelligence module, fitness situation tracking device and digital digicam and imaging structures.

Underlining that there’s a large call for Havelsan’s UGVs and they may be heavily produced according to those demands, Nacar said that the protection corporation keeps complying with the want for brand spanking new technology on the sector.

“We are at an excellent factor, we get hold of high-quality feedback, and we try for better, growing our software program,” he said.

Nacar additionally referred to that Havelsan has set up a floor automobile check middle final yr, wherein it’s miles viable to check the cars on all forms of terrain which include mud, pebble, soil, bumps, and holes in addition to in wet climate conditions. Thereby, the staying power of the automobile, its maneuvers, and competencies may be tested, the overall supervisor stressed, announcing that the middle is likewise open for others to apply.

The trendy supervisor highlighted that Havelsan eyes international markets, one attention of that’s the Asia-Pacific region.

“Countries which include Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are inside our interests. We are in talks with Asian nations for merchandise with a view to meet their requirements which include the Submarine Information Distribution System (DBDS), vehicle mobile manipulate structures, cybersecurity, and coastal surveillance radar device,” he said.

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NATO cooperation

The Air Force Command and Control System (HvBS) is some other subject matter being mentioned with different nations.

This pretty state-of-the-art device may be utilized in NATO, Nacar pointed out.

The HvBS, one of the maximum outstanding incorporated command and manipulate structures in the world, capabilities a decision-maker with decided on and summarized assisting information over the purposeful sub-structures. Its meant reason is to automate a large part of features of the air forces and serves all tiers of the air forces groups from operations to execution.

“We need to beautify our family members with NATO. For the beyond years, Havelsan has been extensively interested in NATO projects. We recognize that we’ve got merchandise and answers which are aggressive to the extent of NATO. Now, we’re a part of the game,” Nacar said.

He underlined that Havelsan’s HvBS device can reply to a large want in NATO.

Nacar additionally said that the employer is inclined to collaborate with the alliance in specific fields other than the HvBS device, “we’ve got already offered NATO a proposal on cybersecurity.”

“In the end, our country’s protection generation is a generation growing round NATO, we paintings on NATO well-suited technology,” he continued.

Saying that NATO is a critical marketplace for Havelsan, Nacar reiterated that the employer is skilled in NATO compatibility. “Training in the direction of compatibility has been obtained inside the beyond. We have taken component in NATO’s navy exercises. Our merchandise has been permitted in NATO exercises. We were a part of NATO’s running businesses and feature continually maintained proper family members with the alliance.”

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Havelsan crucial associate of MMU

Turkey’s TF-X National Combat Aircraft (MMU) is some other location wherein Havelsan performs a large role. The MMU is a joint assignment of the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB). It is a fifth-era jet with comparable capabilities to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II. The locally constructed plane is being advanced to update the Turkish Air Force Command’s F-sixteen fighters, beforehand of the sluggish phasing out of the latter for the duration of the 2030s.

The homegrown fighter jet is predicted to make a maiden flight the use of the home engine in 2029.

“We will help our countrywide assignment in the applicable fields. It might be unthinkable that Havelsan isn’t a part of the sort of assignment,” Nacar said, stressing that this could be Turkey’s finest generation assignment. He introduced that Havelsan’s engineer groups have begun out their paintings whilst the assignment is “long-termed, multicomponent and bears numerous fields of technology.”

Some of Havelsan’s contributions to the device may be assignment-stage software program improvement and cybersecurity, virtual dual generation, embedded schooling and simulation, operation evaluation in addition to operation flight program (OFP).

“We will convey our recognize-a way to this assignment.”

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