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When we say internet games, usually everyone thinks of endless fun that can sometimes turn into an addiction, But…

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However, few people know that online gaming can be a cure. You are probably wondering in what way it can be a cure and to whom, so in the following, we will try to show you more realistically what exactly it is about.

Namely, the US Food and Drug Administration has decided that the EndeavorRxTM online game can be a cure for children who have a hyperactivity disorder, as well as a problem with lack of attention.

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This game has been proven to improve attention levels in children aged 8 to 12 and it is certain that EndeavorRxTM will go down in history as the first online game to have the ability to heal.

The decision was preceded by seven years of research into the effects of this game, and trials were conducted on 600 children whose task was to play the game for 25 minutes five days a week and so on until four weeks had passed.

We all wonder what the results showed? One-third of the surveyed children after a month of almost daily playing the game did not show a measurable attention deficit, at least in one of the types of attention measurement.

Of course, when you sit at the screen for a long time, there are side effects such as headaches and frustrations, but they are defined as milder symptoms compared to those that are the result of taking medication.

However, half of the parents noticed a clinically significant change in the child’s daily impairments after a month of treatment with online play. The percentage increased after the second month of treatment, which is an indicator that treatment with an online game is not just an empty story.

“With EndeavorRxTM, we use technology to help fix the situation in a whole new way. Families are looking for ways to help their children with hyperactivity disorder and we are excited to offer them the first such drug-free treatment option and take the first step toward our goal of helping all people with cognitive problems, ”said Eddie Martucci, CEO of Akili.

Since certain parts of the nervous system are key to maintaining attention, the game is designed to create several simulated challenges for motor activities for the user and thus activate parts of the nervous system.

We wonder if it is time for a new revolution in the field of internet games, and if so, it seems that we will only benefit from it. Fun plus medicine is a winning combination and it is only a matter of time before the practice of treatment this way arrives from the American continent, globally.

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