Online games – can we make a career as a gamer and become a hobby professional?

Many years have passed since the showing of the first video game “Tennis for Two”

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Namely, back in 1958, the first game was released, which consisted of a couple of virtual dots that moved on small screens with the help of an improvised console, or we can freely say – the forerunner of the PlayStation.

The very beginnings of the video industry were not so famous in relation to current achievements.

We believe These Games will inspire you to join a Professional Gamers:

Smurfs Penalty Shoot Out: Soccer Penalty Kick Shootout

TMNT Epic Mutant Missions: Ninja Turtles Beat-em-up

Tom and Jerry Mousetrap Pinball: Online Pinball Arcade Game

SpongeBob SquarePants Grand Sand Fortress: Tetris Defense

Computers and today’s means of communication reach their peak thanks to online games – computers adapt to games by improving resolutions, frames, memories, sounds, and other triggers that are getting better and better day by day.

We can also say that this virtual world has contributed to the wealth of a nation by creating new jobs and increasing the demand for experts, IT engineers, designers, developers, etc.

All this later led to the development of a large Game industry that managed to show itself to the whole world and become one of the greatest “virtual world powers.”

It all started as a hobby so that today we can put professional gamers in the same basket as professional athletes. Game is a kind of sport, maybe not on a physical level, but very much on a psychophysical level – hence the interesting name for this hobby as “E-SPORT”.

Online games have a great impact on children, and later on young people, by leading to the development of feelings of loss, and in order to reach a goal, children must overcome the obstacles that the game puts in this case, where we immediately see a parallel with the created world.

How many times have you just heard that someone has learned foreign languages ​​by playing a video game? Crazy but true – thanks to the development of the Internet and playing games, a huge number of players from all over the world are connected in one virtual place.

With the help of the game industry, a sense of teamwork is created in children, given that most games today are made for multiple players or teams, whether these teams are fighting each other or against alien people in the creative world of virtual imaginations. 

That is where the idea of ​​organizing a tournament for young people comes from. In the beginning, these competitions take place in-game rooms, in the cities where the selected number of players come from, and they are some smaller competitions with a small number of earnings, which only creates an incentive for players to be better in order to win as many titles as possible.

Over time, in relation to their professionalism, some foreign teams will notice and offer a bigger contract for cooperation, ie going to the World Cup game.

Of course, in order to reach a contract at all, just like athletes, gamers must first practice with themselves, starting with solid computer equipment, later with teams, and then, depending on their readiness, respond to the invitation of local competitions under full professional equipment. . Currently, the most popular events in the so-called e-sports revolve around games such as “LoL (League of Legends)”, “CS: GO”, “Dota 2”, “Dog”, “Fifa”.

There are currently about a dozen large organized tournaments in Serbia, and the average salary of a professional gamer is up to 120,000 euros per month. Some say that being a gamer is actually a talent you are born with and that you don’t have to have such good equipment to succeed in this business.

In the end, we come to the conclusion that video games are not only entertainment but also great sources of income – it starts with a hobby and ends with a career.

Where there is media space, there are audiences, where there are more audiences, there are bigger investments, and where there are bigger investments, revenues are more brutal, especially since we live in an age when technology is developing more and more and the need for smarter devices will increase.

Of course, everything has its negative and positive sides, but today the path to success must make a huge sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are obstacles in every career, but if a good life balance is made, the consequences of those obstacles can be significantly reduced.

The problem that gamers face is the loss of health due to several hours of work behind monitors.

The next time we condemn a friend who spends a lot of time playing computer games and whom we laughed at until yesterday for throwing so much money at computer equipment, we put our finger on his forehead and think “Hey, every part, he might be investing in his personal office!”.

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