Rights body: Whereabouts of over 3,000 Syrians unknown

Arbitrary detention with the aid of using SDF just like approaches utilized by the Syrian regime, says rights organization
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The whereabouts of extra than 3,000 Syrians who have been kidnapped with the aid of using the SDF — the Syrian offshoot of the YPG/PKK terror organization — are unknown, consistent with a human rights organization.

The terror organization arbitrarily detains people, Fadel Abdul Ghany, head of the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), advised Anadolu Agency.

“It isn’t detailed why the detainees are held. There isn’t any judicial process. The households aren’t informed. The state of affairs isn’t any specific from the practices of the Assad regime,” Ghany said.

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According to figures launched with the aid of using the SNHR, there are 3,398 individuals who have been arbitrarily detained with the aid of using the YPG/PKK terror organization and whose destiny is unknown.

In its extra than 30-yr terror marketing campaign in opposition to Turkey, the PKK — indexed as a terrorist corporation with the aid of using Turkey, America and EU — has been liable for the deaths of almost 40,000 people, which includes women, kids, and infants.

A boy poses for a picture at the Batinta camp for the internally displaced after heavy rainfall in northwestern Idlib province, northern Syria, Nov. 26, 2020. (AFP Photo)

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