The European Aviation Safety Agency is planning an eco-ranking for flights

The aim is to avoid “vegetable washing” so that consumers can make sustainable decisions 

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IS I I drive in Europe with the train, the ticket shows exactly how much I push it which I show for the Introduction, the atmosphere (3.8 kilograms on my usual route), Engadget told us.

According to a report from the German world on Sunday, the EU Agency for Air Safety (EASA) is planning to create similar environmental signs for the aviation industry. Reliable, comparable and verifiable information, “so that passengers can make sustainable flight decisions.

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The EU intends to report to offset the potential ‘greenwashing’ of airlines that may promote exaggerated claims about environmentally friendly flights. aviation is 3.5 percent of pollution in recently conducted pollution.

The international study is global warming. Two-thirds of these are due to condenser, nox, water vapor, sulfate gas, soot and other aerosols, the rest comes from of CO2 emissions.

Boeing desires all its craft to fly property fuels by 2030

EASA is reportedly planning to use bullet trains as a benchmark for consumer labels. The security agency will differentiate between different classes of aircraft, including regional, larger with aisles, super-heavy aircraft like the Airbus A380, and even future air taxis.

Many different components are taken into account, including the use of biofuels, the recycling quotas, the waste generated and, in the short term, trading with CO2 compensation.

With the right catalyst, we could make jet fuel from CO₂

The project is part of a plan to make the EU climate neutral by 2050 as part of the European Green Deal. EASA has just put the development of an eco-label to tender.

The technical details are to be blocked until 2022. However, it is not yet known when passengers will see these labels.

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