TikTok adds features to help users with eating disorders

The platform displays support information and announcements for public services on certain pages and hashtags

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The platform celebrates the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week with features to promote body integration, said Engadget.

Users searching for terms such as “eating disorder”, “Edrecovery” (recovery from eating disorder), or “Proana” (pro-anorexia) will see a link to the resource support along with their NEDA contact information.

TikTok says it will share advice it has developed with eating disorder experts to “identify negative self-talk, reflect on your own positive traits and strengths, or support a friend who may be struggling”. “

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NEDA also helped TikTok create public notices. These are displayed on hashtag pages such as #whatieatinaday, #emotio naleatingtips, #bingerecovery, and others that are aimed at raising awareness or promoting recovery, as well as for those who suffer from eating disorders.

This year’s edition is called Every Body Has a Seat at the Table. It also contains information on the warning signs and symptoms of eating disorders. Additionally, the service encourages the Tikok community to enter the conversation about eating disorders using the hashtag # Neda Senwness.

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Like other social media services, Tktok has become a matter of positive and bodily eating disorders over the years.

The platform has taken other measures to support body positivity. In September, ADSs for restraint applications and dietary supplements for weight loss were banned and stricter rules for those covering negative or harmful body images.

In December, certain hashtags banned in connection with 40A440A4 eating disorders in the European Union recently filed a complaint against Tiktok.

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He has been accused of violating EU data protection laws in the DSGVO, among other things, due to an alleged failure to protect children from “hidden inappropriate advertising and content.”

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