Turkish man wrongly detained in the United Arab Emirates, he seeks UN help

Lawyers apply to the UN for the release of a Turkish businessman who was imprisoned, tortured, and near death in the United Arab Emirates for three years The lawyers of Mehmet Ali Ozturk, Mehmet Ali Ozturk’s lawyers asked the United Nations for help on Monday.

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Torture – even his son was used as a basis for negotiation – to pressure him to make false confessions against Turkey.

The motion states that the UAE “has committed the crimes of unfair, arbitrary detention and torture, and violated United Nations conventions and rules of international law. Its lawyers added that Ozturk was tortured for 52 days, causing him to lose 25 kilograms (r over 55 pounds) and…” It hurts his life.

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Ozturk went ahead with the murder of his son s threatened Abdullah Ozturk, who was a student in the USA and was repeatedly questioned by the FBI and prevented from moving to Turkey for some time.

After Abdullah Ozturk’s educational and career goals “completely cut off”, he returned to Turkey, is called in the statement.

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When Mehmet Ali Ozturk resisted the pressure of torture, he was put on a show trial, convicted of supporting terrorism, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

El Whatba Prison, where Mehmet Ali Ozturk is now incarcerated, was due to its inhumane conditions have been the subject of numerous complaints.

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On December 11, the contractor’s lawyers filed a criminal complaint with the Istanbul prosecutors against UAE officials, who were sent to the Ministry of Justice.

On December 16, his lawyers petitioned the Turkish Human Rights and Equality Institution.

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