UAV pictures suggest Greece pushing returned asylum seekers

Footage through unmanned aerial automobile additionally suggests Turkish Coast Guard gadgets coming to the useful resource of asylum seekers

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New Turkish unmanned aerial automobile (UAV) pictures suggest a Greek Coast Guard deliver in the Aegean Sea illegally pushing returned a ship of asylum seekers, inclusive of girls and children, consistent with Turkish protection sources.

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The April 2 pictures captured through the National Defense Ministry suggests Greek Coast Guard boats forcing a few 20-25 asylum seekers in inflatable boats north of the Greek island of Rhodes into Turkish territorial waters, stated the sources, who requested now no longer to be named because of regulations on speak to the media.

UAV footage shows Greece pushing back asylum seekers

It then suggests Turkish Coast Guard gadgets coming to the useful resource of the asylum seekers and bringing them ashore.

Recent months have visible several reviews of Greek forces illegally pushing returned boats with asylum seekers, endangering the passengers in the process.

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Turkey has been a key transit factor for asylum seekers who need to pass into Europe to begin new lives, particularly the ones fleeing battle and persecution.

Turkey hosts almost four million Syrians, greater than another USA in the world.

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