VIDEO: Africa’s longest HIGHWAY

UPDATE: Africa’s longest HIGHWAY is getting closer to completion

The #Cairo – #CapeTown Highway covers 10,228km and will pass through #Egypt 🇪🇬 #Sudan 🇸🇩 #SouthSudan 🇸🇸 #Ethiopia 🇪🇹 #Kenya 🇰🇪 #Tanzania 🇹🇿 #Zambia 🇿🇲 #Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 and #SouthAfrica 🇿🇦

2019 article: In what may be viewed as Africa’s millennial #megaproject in #trade and #investment, Egypt and a number of other African countries are working on a #highway linking the Mediterranean port city of #Alexandria and Cape Town, South Africa, on the #Atlantic. Egyptian Transport Minister Hisham Arafat told a parliamentary committee that Egypt has completed its part of the Alexandria-Cape Town Road extending to Egypt’s border with Sudan. The roadway is now open to # travelers.

The #PanAfrican road, at an expected 6,400 miles, will link Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. Egypt, which initiated the ambitious project, launched it in June 2015. Each country is financially, technically, and logistically responsible for its part of the roadway.

It is hoped that the project will help pave the way for sustainable #development on the #continent. With this in mind, Egyptian and South African economists have urged #Africancountries to devise a comprehensive #transportationpolicy to balance the economic benefits of the road against its #environmental costs.

“This is one of the most important megaprojects, one that will reshape the trade and investment chart in Africa,” Abdel Mottaleb Abdel Hamid, professor of economics at the Cairo-based Sadat Academy for Management Sciences said, “It also falls in line with Egypt’s inclination toward Africa to restore its influential role on the continent as it assumes the presidency of the African Union.”

Abdel Hamid added, “It will open the way for boosting inter African trade, as the cost of #transportation will be lower compared to maritime and air freight. In the medium and long terms, higher trade volumes among African countries will strengthen joint investments.”  Click the link to continue reading:

Transforming #Africa one #highway at a time

BTW: lots of investment opportunities along the route

Egypt 🇪🇬 Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Kenya 🇰🇪 Zambia 🇿🇲 Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 and South Africa 🇿🇦 are AfCFTA member countries

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