Honda will sell two electric SUVs in the US for the 2024 model year

It doesn’t have much of a choice if it wants to hit emissions targets

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Honda is revealing more about its first EVs for the US — and not surprisingly, they’ll be decidedly larger than the Honda E. US sales chief Dave Gardner told the AP and others that Honda would sell two electric SUVs in the US for the 2024 model year, Engadget reported.

While further details were unsurprisingly scarce, one model would sell through the upscale Acura badge. Both would have previously hinted-at GM electric technology underneath, although Honda would supply the rest.

You’ll hear more about the SUVs later this year, Gardner said. He added that there would be hybrid versions of popular models, although he didn’t name them.

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The company currently sells two dedicated hybrids, the Clarity and Insight, as well as partly electrified versions of the Accord and CR-V.

We wouldn’t expect these models to look too much like the SUV E: concept from September 2020.

The production version of that vehicle was headed to China, and its two-door coupe design likely wouldn’t get much traction in North America.

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Honda doesn’t have much choice. With President Biden expected to bring back tougher emissions standards and otherwise make a push for electric cars, Honda could be in trouble if it doesn’t lower its emissions averages with more EVs and hybrids.

There’s also the matter of competition. With Ford, GM, and other rivals planning to electrify large parts of their lineups in the years ahead, Honda risks being left behind in the US (and abroad) if it sticks with combustion engines.

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