Microsoft Teams dynamic view makes it easier to watch presentations

The company will offer more customization options for video calls in March.


Surprisingly, Microsoft has released a steady line of improvements for Teams, the company’s de-factor Slack competitor.

The company gave a quick preview of a feature called Dynamic View that is designed to make video calls with presentations much easier to view. If you are on the phone in a team with multiple participants, as well as dynamic content (such as video or screen sharing), Dynamic View offers a customizable view.

The presentation content takes up most of the screen, of course, but you can also pin key participants next to it, such as the people presenting on the call.

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Currently, each participant is shown in a small sidebar, making it harder to see the people actually leading a presentation.

The dynamic view automatically optimizes the content, but viewers can also customize it.

Microsoft also makes it easier to see when a participant is raising their hand in a video chat and who is talking.

According to Microsoft’s roadmap, teams should make these changes meet in March.

The company was talking about Dynamic View for a during – it was first announced and added to the team’s roadmap back in July.

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