Samsung partners with Audi, BMW, Ford, and Genesis to make your phone a key

The car will be NFC or Next Generation UWB?

The AR viewfinder for UWB-equipped phones and cars. Image: Samsung

the dream of using your phone to unlock your car door (instead of carrying a bulk keychain) can be a step closer today: Samsung has announced partnerships with Audi, BMW, Ford, and Genesis to do just that, Saying that the feature can be available as early as August 2021. yet with excitement, these digital car keys should work with Apple iPhones and other Android brands, too.

c is because Samsung is part of several standards bodies that work on technology, including automotive connectivity cluster and FiR a cluster, Of which Apple is also one of the main members. “You will even be able to share your digital key on smartphones, regardless of brand or platform”, Samsung announced Kevin Chung at the Galaxy S21 event of today.

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unfortunately, it is not yet clear which car supports the coolest, the most secure version of this technology: UWB. It uses small standard Beacon type pulses at low power, preferably from multiple parts of your car at once, to know exactly where you are compared to the handle of your car from a considerable distance away.

Samsung says with the new digital keys, “You’ll be able to unlock your car door when you reach it, no sooner, no later,” but I’m pretty sure it only refers to UWB there. The reverse is NFC, where you will probably have to remove your phone and type it on your car, as you do with NFC transactions to pay today.

The AR viewfinder for UWB-equipped phones and cars. Image: Samsung

Samsung also showed how technology can allow you to find your car in the crowded parking lot, with an augmented reality viewfinder, He says he brings to Samsung-phones but the fine print says it only works with UWB cars and UWB compatible phones.

Every iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 comes with UWB now, but Samsung says only the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the new S21 Plus and S21 Ultra (so not the S21? ), and the “Galaxy Note 20+” (presumably referring to the Note 20 Ultra, which has UWB) will support the AR.

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Apple viewfinder is also waiting for automakers to adopt UWB and had to deploy their own version of digital car keys with NFC to boot, and only in the 2021 BMW 5 Series. But BMW announced today that it will support UWB, brand as “Digital Key Plus” With the electric BMW iX.

Samsung also presents a tracking label based on UWB to find your devices lost later this year, although, like car keys, you’re starting with a less impressive Bluetooth version instead that won’t allow you to locate them as accurately.

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