SpaceX launches a record 143 satellites into orbit

It was also the company’s first rideshare mission.

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After a slight delay, SpaceX has smashed a record for sending spacecraft into orbit.

The company successfully launched its Transporter-1 mission carrying an unprecedented 143 satellites, including 133 commercial and government customer vehicles and 10 Starlink machines.

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The Falcon 9 rocket, which supported Crew Dragon Demo-2, landed aboard a drone ship in the Atlantic.

This was SpaceX’s first dedicated mission in its SmallSat Rideshare Program.

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The project helps make deliveries of CubeSats and other small vessels practical for customers that might not otherwise afford them, with prices starting at a relatively low $1 million. to place it another way, the program is competition for the likes of Rocket Lab and Virgin Orbit.

The Starlink satellites are the primary within the broadband web constellation to deploy during a polar orbit, SpaceX added.

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The mission offers SpaceX bragging rights, of course, however, it’s additionally necessary for the company’s bottom line.

To date, several of its launches have centered on significantly larger payloads from satellite communications firms, the govt, and alternative standard clients.

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This brings in additional customers and helps SpaceX build the foremost of its rocket fleet — don’t be shocked if the launch schedule is busier going forward.

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