The Morning After: Tesla revamped the Model S and Model X

Apple says there are over 1 billion active iPhones, and the r/WallStreetBets run continues.

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Tesla notched its first full year of profitability and said it delivered nearly 500,000 cars, but right now, I’m going to talk about that steering wheel.

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As previously seen on prototypes for the Cybertruck and Roadster, Tesla is rolling out a “steering yoke” in the interiors of its refreshed Model X and Model S.Adorned with touch controls for the lights, signals, horn, and wipers, it looks like something out of an aircraft or F1 car.

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While that style of control might work in limited situations, I’m curious whether drivers will miss the top part of the steering wheel when they’re trying to navigate a crowded parking lot while managing backseat arguments.

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The oddly shaped wheel is almost enough to obscure a new infotainment system that Tesla says has 10 teraflops of power and will be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 — although how well the game runs may depend on which patches roll out before the new EVs start shipping in the spring.

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