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VW will start making an ID.5 ‘coupe’ electric SUV later in 2021

Don’t count on it coming to North America, at least not right away

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VW will have a quick follow-up of your ID.4 electric SUV, at least in As The Engadget notes VW has confirmed that it will begin mass production of an ID.5 “coupe” SUV in Germany sometime in the second half of 2021

Pilot production has already begun, the company said. The ID.5 is expected to be a more elegant version of the ID. It’s unclear if VW is planning a coupe in the classic sense (that is, a two-door sports car) or if it’s more of a rear-leaning four-door. similar to the Cayenne Coupe.

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There is no guarantee you will see the ID.5 in North America.

A VW representative told The Engadget there were “no plans” for a US launch “at this time.” That wouldn’t be surprising when it comes to a variant on an existing design, although we wouldn’t rule out a launch if the ID.4 proves popular.

The first ID.4 models arrive in the US in Q1 2021, though not. increased availability is expected until mid-year.

The very existence of the ID.5 shows that VW is expanding its line of electric vehicles rapidly. It only started producing its first all-new electric car design, the ID. 3, at the end of 2019 – within two years, three models will be on the assembly line.

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Future models such as the Buzz microbus and the cheaper ID.1 and ID are not included. VW is a long way from electrifying its entire lineup, however, and it doesn’t take long for the company to offer at least one electric vehicle in a given category.

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