WhatsApp will re-introduce a controversial new privacy policy

The company said it will notify users of the new privacy policy “in the coming weeks” 

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The company said it will notify users of the new privacy policy “in the coming weeks” and provide more information on the changes before requiring users to agree to the new terms, reported Engadget.

“In the next few weeks, we will display a banner on WhatsApp by providing more information that people can read at their own pace, “writes WhatsApp in a blog post.” We have also included more information to try to address the concerns we are hearing. Over time, we will begin to remind people to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp. ” The privacy policy is the same one that the company introduced in January, an implementation that it later postponed amid a growing backlash. the med that users will finally have to agree to the new terms before May 15, when the new policy takes effect.

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The updated privacy policy addresses Facebook’s recent push in commerce. For WhatsApp, this has meant an expansion of the app’s business messaging tools and the addition of new in-app purchasing features. The new terms deal more explicitly with the role Facebook plays in enabling these interactions. As the New York Times pointed out last month, this could lead to interactions with businesses on WhatsApp that affect the ads displayed on Facebook.

But the fact that WhatsApp spawned the changes among users with no warning and general distrust of Facebook proved it as the perfect recipe for widespread “misinformation” and “confusion”. Many users interpreted the update as WhatsApp heavily armed users in order to share more data with Facebook without the possibility of an opt-out. (As The Times noted in January, in reality, Facebook was already able to collect “a lot of information from WhatsApp users”.)

WhatsApp to delay new privacy policy amid massive confusion over Facebook data sharing

Whether the new messaging was enough to fix the damage is less clear. The fallout sparked a surge in interest in alternative messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. On his blog after Thursday, WhatsApp drew attention to the renewed Inter, I think some people can try other apps. However, the company also implied that these services may be less “reliable and secure” than WhatsApp.

“Other apps say they are better because they know even less information than WhatsApp,” the company said. “We think people are looking for apps that are reliable and secure, even if that requires WhatsApp to have some limited data.

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