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Lucid Motors works publicly before starting to sell EVS

A fusion estimates lucid engines at $ 11.75 billion and delivers start-ups with $ 4.4 billion in cash

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The Lucid Air Electric Luxury Sedan will be sold at the end of this year, but first, the EV Startup will merge with a special purpose company that is already listed on NYSE so that it can go on a bag, Engadget says.

The agreement with Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV) will value the company at more than $ 11 billion and will reach $ 4.4 billion in cash.

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Other electric vehicle companies such as Nikola and Fisker used the same process to go on a bag last year, and Faraday Fucke announced an agreement of its own final months.

Last Engines had already received a significant investment from the Saudi Arabian Public Mutual Fund, in which the Wall Street Journal declares the construction of an assembly plant in Arizona.

The fusion / OPI reports have deviated for weeks, which has officially affected the prices of Churchill’s shares after the Agreement.

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They were announced. In a statement announcing the deal, Peter Rawin said LUCID CEO: LUCID is going to the stock market to enter the next phase of our growth, as we work on the introduction of our new purely electric luxury Air Sedan Lucid Sedan. in 2021 followed.

For our performance of gravity, luxury SUV in 2023. The financing of the transaction is also used to support the expansion of our production facilities in Arizona, which is the first self-driving production facility for electric vehicles in North America and they are already for pre-production buildings.

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The USA is in the lucid air operation … This transaction enables the realization of our vision to provide LUCID’s advanced EV technologies to third parties such as other automakers and to offer energy storage solutions in the areas of life, commerce, and supply.

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