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Microsoft will help European news agencies charge for their content

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Microsoft is clearly interested in pressuring Facebook and Google to pay or block news content, says Engadget

The software company is working with the European Editors Council to find a way for how news agencies are paid when technical gatekeepers share their content.

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They urge the EU and national governments to implement Australian-style arbitration rules that set profit-based prices for each side of production costs and any “undue burden” could be imposed on platform owners.

The market is “critical to the success” of democracy and that paying for the news would support it.

He noted that Microsoft launched a local news investment initiative in October and that Microsoft News shared a “large chunk” of its revenue with publishers.

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Ensure that the EU or its member states will act. However, the EPC’s involvement gives it some leverage, and there is certainly a precedent for when Spain temporarily levied a tax on news in search results.

It’s safe to say that you can at least expect some resistance. Facebook and Google have vehemently opposed Australia’s efforts, and the deal with Google’s News Corp was aimed at avoiding potential laws. Microsoft doesn’t necessarily have to be aware of this – it could improve the playing field by making rivals pay for news in their search results and feeds.

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